EU biofuels & agriculture

The European biodiesel chain and leading Members of the European Parliament acknowledged during a debate in Brussels on 21 June 2017 the crucial role of biodiesel in the EU’s agricultural growth and protein independence.

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The expansion of oilseed feedstocks on lands with high carbon stocks

This study by LCAworks was commissioned by Terres Univia and provides an assessment of the expansion of the major biodiesel crops (soybean, oil palm and oilseed rape) from 1990 to the present. It aims to inform the current discussions on biofuels with a high ILUC risk, defined in the Revision of the Renewable Energy Directive as ‘bio-liquids and biomass fuels produced from food or feed crops for which a significant expansion of the production area into land with high carbon stock is observed’.



Today the European Commission issued a proposal for the post-2020 EU Renewable Energy Directive. The proposal reveals a worrying weakening of ambitions by the EU in addressing climate change, energy security and the decarbonisation of the European transport sector. Moreover, the...

The European Oilseed Alliance, the European Biodiesel Board and the Vegetable Oil and Protein meal Industry held yesterday a dinner-debate in the European Parliament during which panellists from all backgrounds discussed the role of sustainable biodiesel in the low-carbon economy...

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