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Commission fails to defend its agriculture in anti-dumping file against Argentinian biodiesel
Last year, the European Commission abruptly ended anti-dumping duties on Argentinian imports of biodiesel made from soy. This was immediately followed by a complaint by the European Biodiesel Bureau, aiming to introduce a countervailing duty that would offset subsidies given by the Argentinian State to its exporting biodiesel industry.

Benefits of European biodiesel recognised at Parliament debate on food security, animal farming and sustainable transport
Brussels, 21 June 2017 – The European biodiesel chain held a breakfast debate today with leading Members of the European Parliament to present the economic and societal benefits of sustainable biodiesel and highlight its concerns about the proposed phasing down of first generation biofuels by the Commission. A consensus emerged from the debate, with a number of key MEPs from different groups – Marijana Petir, Marc Tarabella, Jean-Paul Denanot, Anne Sander, Peter Jahr – acknowledging the crucial role of biodiesel in the EU’s agricultural growth and protein independence.

Brussels, 13 October – European farmers stress the essential role of biodiesel for agriculture and transport decarbonisation post-2020
The European Oilseed Alliance, the European Biodiesel Board and the Vegetable Oil and Protein meal Industry held yesterday a dinner-debate in the European Parliament during which panellists from all backgrounds discussed the role of sustainable biodiesel in the low-carbon economy post-2020. The event allowed EU stakeholders and policy-makers to share Californian experiences through the participation of Stephen Kaffka from the University of California.


European oilseed producers advise the Commission against the phase-out of first generation biofuels
20 July 2016
In its Communication on a European Strategy for Low-Emission Mobility published today, the Commission considers a “gradual phase-out of food-based biofuels”, such as biodiesel, wrongly claiming their “limited role in decarbonising the transport sector”. This approach would threaten the survival of the EU oilseed production and slow down the transition to advanced biofuels in transport.

Biofuels will save several millions tonnes of CO2 by 2030 and help decarbonise the EU transport sector
12 May 2016
In light of a stakeholder event on “A sustainable bioenergy policy for the period after 2020”, the European biodiesel supply chain (EOA, FEDIOL, EBB) underlines that bioenergy will be crucial to achieve the decarbonisation of EU economy. In the transport sector notably, biodiesel helps save CO2 emissions, while improving energy security and contributing to jobs and growth in rural areas.

Additional Land Use Change impact modelisation exercise published amid doubts on its transparency and academic value
14 March 2016
The European biodiesel supply chain (EOA, FEDIOL, EBB) is concerned about the lack of transparency around this publication and has doubts (shared by many experts) on the reliability of the information contained in this Globiom review.

Biodiesel Event European Parliament : Press Release
21rst January 2015

EU 2030 climate – energy package - New study confirms that without clear-cut EU emission and renewable fuels targets  GHG from European transport will soon be out of control
Brussels, March 19th 2014 

Ecofys study presents new evidence that the European Commission underestimates the greenhouse gas savings of biofuels 
BRUSSELS, 12  November,  2014

The EU Biofuels Supply Chain rejects ILUC political compromise
Brussels, December 9 th 2013